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Tattoo Policy
A non-refundable deposit is required for an appointment. If notification is not given at least one week before rescheduling, the deposit is void.

If you have multiple dates scheduled, the deposit will go towards your last scheduled appointment.

The artist can reschedule an appointment at any time for any reason.

The client can reschedule up to 2 times before losing their deposit as long as the one week notice is given.

Deposits are non-transferable

If the client is more than 15 minutes late for an appointment the deposit is void. This ensures that your time as well as the artist's is not wasted.

A State Photo ID is required to be tattooed, if ID is not present for the appointment, the deposit is void and is still non refundable.

If the artist and client cannot come to an agreeable option for the design the day of the appointment, the deposit is void. I only work with clients that given me 100% creative freedom, and I typically spend hours on my designs, so the deposit is used to compensate for that time. These instances are very rare, and generally if a design needs to be tweaked it is no problem to do so.
The PayPal account info will be given to you should your project be selected.

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